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Friday, August 16, 2019


Jackson Ong

The most elevated paying image is the slot game named Joker123 casino. the payout is multiple times the line wagered for a success with five images. The other topical images are a couple of gathering goers and a lot of earphones. The craftsmanship is basic yet in splendid fluorescent hues. The low paying images are the playing card symbols made like glaring lights. All image pay in mixes of at least three adjusted from left to ideal on the paylines. There is no wild image. This may appear to be some degree ugly. However the genuine party activity is yet to come.

It is activated by the Redplay2u Malaysia image landing anyplace on the focal reel. Joker123 Malaysia scratches out one of four prizes for the player. These are the place the enormous payouts lie. In scatter Pays you will be granted an arbitrary multiplier that could be 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x. This multiplier will be connected to your typical success in the turn. The Wild Reel grants you with one free turn. In any case, that is just piece of the advantage. This free turn will have the third reel absolutely wild. And all payouts will be multiplied.

The third element is Redplay2u Online Best Kiosk. You win three extra twist. In every reward turn there are three level payline. Each payline will have a similar five images. So you are ensured nine successes through the span of this reward. On the off chance that you are fortunate you will hit the successes with the higher paying images.

The last one is a genuine gathering themed reward. It is called Redplay2u Online Casino Singapore &Malaysia Joker123 Slot Game Club House. You will be granted a beverages ticket, which you need to gather. Try not to drive after the gathering or you may get a beverages ticket of an alternate kind. You need to gather five tickets to play the reward diversion. You tap on the Joker123 online casino register screen till you discover two coordinating beverages. The beverage that is coordinated will grant a payout multiplier. The golden mixed drink pays 10x, the green mixed drink pays 25x, the blue mixed drink pays 50x and the red mixed drink pays 100x.

REDPlay2u - Live22 Online Casino Singapore & Malaysia

SBbet333 *No.1 Singapore Online Casino*

Redplay2u Singapore & Malaysia is one of the online casinos in the industry. It has continuously restructured its offering to be in tune with what is the best available. Today Redplay2u Singapore & Malaysia offers online casino games from many leading software providers. Here is a look at some of top live22 video slots that you can play.

Ragnarok based on the popular Norse mythology theme is from live22. Ragnarok is the final battle in which all the Norse gods will die and the world will be created again. The high paying symbols are the Norse gods Thor, Freyr and Odin and also Asgard, which is the home of the gods. Live22 game is played over three levels. In Level 1 Thor awards 10 free spins at doubled payouts. In Level 2, when the bonus feature is triggered you can choose from two options. Thor awards 15 free spins at tripled payouts. Freyr awards a second screen bonus live22 game where you can win additional live22 bonuses. In Level 3 you can choose the feature offered by Thor, Freyr or Odin.

Live22 is a online slot. The detailed artwork and the realistic animations are awesome. Live22 slot machine has 6 reels, 12 rows and 100 paylines. The highest paying symbols are the archangel and the devil that can appear expanded in stacks. Three or more stacked scatter symbols trigger up to 25 free spins. The top two rows are the Heaven Hot Spot and the bottom two rows are the Hell Hot Spot. When the block wild symbol lands partially or fully in any of these spots, the Heaven or Hell features are triggered. The Heaven feature awards two or four stacks of wild symbols on randomly chosen rows. The Hell feature awards 8 or 16 single wild symbols on randomly chosen spots.

REDPlay2u - 918kiss Online Casino Singapore & Malaysia

SBbet333 *No.1 Singapore Online Casino*

918kiss is many video slots that capture the milieu of the epic 1001 Arabian Nights. The most popular character from these tales used in video slots is Aladdin. 918kiss leave out Aladdin but retain the magic lamp, whose genie could grant wishes. Another character, the adventurous Sinbad, has surfaced in a new video slot. A trip down memory lane revealed another online slot featuring Sinbad. Can be played at Playtech online casinos like Redplay2u Malaysia & Singapore.

In 918kiss Sinbad was a sailor who went on numerous fantastic sea voyages. He fought mythical monsters, rescued damsels and amassed a fortune. These adventures form the basis of the 918kiss slot game. The artwork and visual appeal does justice to the epic nature. The reels are set in the background of the surging ocean. 918kiss slot machine has six reels. The number of symbol spaces in the reels alternate between six and seven. 164 fixed paylines run across the reels. Sinbad is the wild symbol that expands to cover the entire reel. The high paying symbols are the princess rescued by Sinbad, the roc that Sinbad fought and Sinbad’s ship. The other thematic symbols are palace, treasure chest and anchor. The low paying symbols are gems of different colours. The symbols appear in stacks of increasing size. On reel 1, they appear stacked two high till they reach seven high on reel 6.

When the scatter symbol lands on reels 2, 4 and 6 in the same spin, the bonus feature is activated. You will be awarded 7 Leviathan free spins. The Leviathan was a sea monster that Sinbad fights. The stack sizes follow the opposite sequence in the free spins. The seven high stacks appear on reel 1. This increases the possibility of big wins. The Leviathan symbol is introduced in the free spins. It can appear stacked on three consecutive reels and is a wild symbol.

In Sinbad’s Golden Voyage you directly set the total bet. The payout table displays the actual amounts won for the selected bet. Given the reels and paylines structure this simplifies things. The maximum bet amount per spin is $100. This will attract the high roller players at Redplay2u Malaysia&Singapore online casino. The highest payout is 7 times the total bet which you get for landing six princess symbols on a defined payline.


Jackson Ong

Mega888 online casino was introduced to the market in 2018 and designed for the most user-friendly easy to attract casino players. Mega888 brings a great experience for video gamers and feedback from many customers, this platform is one of the simplest and easy to play games for winning casino gaming platforms. The best part about them is that today’s various websites allow non-deposit betting which makes betting more fun. You can find endless possibilities to win because there are various agents to help you in the game.

We provide you most recent games and if the slot games in your favorite then this game is the best choice for you. You can find the most popular games such as Sun Wukong, Football Fans, Dolphin Reed, Great blue, Bonus Bear, LiKui PiYu, Thai Temple and more.

In addition Mega888 casinos in Malaysia and Singapore, there are many other online casino games, but the obvious Mega888 occupies 60% of the players. Mega888 casino has more than 50 games options in the online slot game series. Each slot machine has random jackpots major jackpot, minor jackpot. However, Mega888 online casino has launched the “Giant Jackpot” bonus of up one million. The Mega888 game balance is also designed to match the player’s betting mentality. In some beginners, Mega888 is a slot machine game that is easy to get stared and enters.


Jackson Ong

Live22 casinos Malaysia & Singapore, globally known for its convenient interface, elegant packages, as well as quality customer service with enjoyable great promotions are designed to satisfy customers gaming habits. Live22 online casino offers a vast range of choice from single player slot games to multiple players table games. And Redplay2u Malaysia & Singapore is the official agent of Live22. Our main objective is innovation in other to best serve you, bringing you into the world of entertainment.

Live22 casino is the best gaming platform in the whole of Asia, especial in Singapore and Malaysia. Our live casino and slot games are the best. Our casino slot games that are online are all over the world and accessible to all those who are passionate about entering into another world of amazing Gaming entertainment. Live22 gaming system is the best in this world of technology. You can play all the latest casino games in Live22. In this platform, you will be able to discover the variety of over 100 casino games.

Live22 casino slot machines there are 4 other betting alternatives accessible for the players at the focal stationary wheel territory. These wagering choices are named as even wagers, odd wagers, higher wagers and lower wagers. Odd wagers and even wagers, as their name recommends, contain every single odd number individually. Most fascinating wagering alternatives accessible for players in this space amusement are higher wagered and lower wager. As a matter of first importance, current number is appeared at the focal point of wheel. Presently, if wheel clapper stops by showing any number, which is not as much as the present number, bring down wager will win by player. Likewise, if wheel clapper demonstrates any number, more noteworthy than current number, higher wager will be won by player.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Jackson Ong

King855 Online Casino Singapore is another outstanding online betting product that is highly favored by the local online casino gamers. By leveraging on the exceptional slot games rendered by Redplay2u, King855 casino has deeply penetrated into the local online betting sphere, which is also highly renowned as one of the most remarkable online slot games in Malaysia. Moreover, there are numerous high-end live casino games under its product offerings which have further supplemented King855 Casino’s product portfolio to some certain extents.

As a matter of fact, Redplay2u dominance in the Malaysian and Singapore online casino industry has significantly helped King855 casino to faster a strong market presence over the past several years. In Malaysia or Singapore, online slot games have long been the mainstream online betting products for many years. Considering the growing needs for premium online betting products locally, King855 casino has never stopped polishing its casino game interface as well as system’s capability, in order to fulfill the general market requirements of the local casino players.

King855 is the online slot games with handsome jackpots payout, most of its slot game designs are rather localized that perfectly match betting preferences of the local slot game players. some of its highlighted slot games include Sparta, Ice Run, Pink Panther, Panther Moon, Geisha Story, Dolphin Cash, The Great Ming Empire, and many more, offering handsome progressive jackpots for you to win. Many of the local casino players are highly impressed by the professional design in user experience of King855 casino, while it is considered the easiest-to-play online betting platform in Singapore and Malaysia. Its casino game applications are available on both computers and mobile devices.

Unfortunately, King855 Apk only supports Android smartphones at this moment, while its IOS version is still in the making. Nevertheless, it is 100% free to download its casino games with only a several simple steps to be done. Believe us, you would never want to miss this fantastic online casino product. Be one of the Redplay2u online casino players today to grab your winnings.


Jackson Ong

Pussy888 is an online casino launched to the market in 2018. The cornerstones of it’s success are relationships built on trust and solutions built on innovation. Continued innovation is intrinsic in developer’s ethos, which is realized in the delivery of first-class gaming products and services. Pussy888 casino’s success is the impressive portfolio of state-of-the-art games that has been carefully cultivated over the years. It is about delivering the best in graphics, the best in sound, and the best in mathematics. It’s about delivering the best of the best. Innovation in Pussy888 casino Singapore has, is and always will be Redplay2u Malaysia and Singapore Online Casino’s core focus strategy.

Pussy888 Apk online is known over the world for its user-friendly interface and stylish games, as well as customer service which surely will satisfy your needs and great promotions you will enjoy. Our games are designed to meet the customers diverse gaming habits and constantly updating ourselves to satisfy the cultural needs of our growing global membership.

When it comes to betting, it offers a vast range of choice. Players may choose from innovative immersive slot games and many more fun table games. Innovation is our main focus in order to be your number one choice within the online gaming industry. The best part about them is that today;s various websites allow non-deposit betting which makes betting more fun. We at Pussy888 aims to frequently release new games which you can easily install or upgrades to keep it fresh and fun.


Jackson Ong

918Kiss online casino Singapore was launched many years ago. This online casino is very different from any other that you have ever come across. Capturing the ever-increasing needs for mobile slot games, 918Kiss casino continues the success at Singapore and Malaysia in the mobile arena. If you have been a casino player for quite some time, you would already witness the extraordinary success of the Redplay2u online casino. Redplay2u is the official agent of the 918Kiss.

9178Kiss Casino has been promising ever since their launch and is believed to be the next game-changing mobile slot game that will be incredibly successful in Malaysia. The best user experience and graphic performance. Unlike the other online casino, 918Kiss bring unbeatable user experience and graphics performance to the users. The emphasis on graphics performance has brought about a new adventure when you place your bet with 918Kiss online casino Singapore. Free yourself from unattractive and dull slot game design and gameplay.

918Kiss casino is sure to bring you the joy you had never experience before when playing mobile slot games. Gathering only the best slot games from famous gaming platform such as Playtech, SCR888, and etc. It is also the one stop center for all the best mobile slot game you can find in Singapore or Malaysia.

Spin and win big with 918Kiss casino supporting all mobile platform across the globe, 918kiss online casino are build with the best mobile technology. 918kiss Apk gameplay will be smooth regardless whether you are using Android or IOS software on your phone

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