Friday, October 18, 2019


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Paris is one of the most attractive cities on the globe. Every tourist will find something to his liking. There are historical monuments and an entertaining night life. There are street side cafes and exclusive restaurants. There are crowded shopping malls and designer boutiques. Two LIVE22 online slot games bring alive the spirit of Paris on the reels.

One of the sub themes of Paris Beauty is art, which is integrally associated with Paris, whether through the Louvre Museum or sidewalk painters at Montmartre. Many of the symbols on the reels have the artist's canvas as the background. The high value card symbols appear as painted images on this canvas. There are other symbols that support the artist theme. One is the artist and the other is the palette.

A broader view of Paris is also presented in the Paris Beauty LIVE22 online slot game. One of the symbols is the croissant, which is the staple supplement to coffee. The two most enduring images of Paris are the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower and both appear as symbols on the reels. To cap them all is the Paris Beauty, the attractive and flirtatious lady. The lady symbol is the wild symbol and appears only on reels 1 and 5. She not only winks when she assists in making winning combinations but also triples the payouts. The Eiffel Tower is the scatter symbol and in its animation it gets lit up with fireworks displayed in the background. This symbol offers scatter payments and triggers the free spins bonus round.


SBbet333 *No.1 Singapore Online Casino*

Among these PUSSY888 slots games is a series called Freaky Slots. The games are Freaky Fruits, Freaky Gym and Freaky Wild West. These PUSSY888 slot games have a characteristic crafting of the symbols that is comic, caricatured, weird, grotesque – in one word freaky. They also display pronounced animation of symbols in winning combinations. Freaky Gym and Freaky Wild West are later additions. These include innovative thrilling 3D effects and advanced bonus games. It is not only the game symbols that are animated, but the characters, items in bonus games, interface components and backgrounds are also fully active.

Freaky Fruits is a 20 payline PUSSY888 slot game with fruits for symbols on the reels. Each fruit has an attitude of its own that is reflected in its appearance and the animation. The water melon has a mean look and dons boxing gloves. The guava has a bloated abdomen and is shown chomping away. The pineapple with its bunch of leaves is made out to be a tribal chieftain and beats his hands on his chest. The wild symbol is the basket of fruits. There is a bonus symbol that is a worm. If you find that disgusting be reminded that this is Freaky Fruits. It triggers the Crazy Worms Race bonus where players have to choose a worm and hope that it wins the races.

Freaky Gym has a set of freakily attired guys and girls exercising at the gym. There are girls on the treadmill, skipping rope and hula hoop and guys lifting weights and cycling. The wins are accompanied by suitable animations and audio. The best is the boxer who keeps on getting hit by the punching bag. There are a number of bonus features in Freaky Gym. There is the Kids Power bonus game in which the player chooses a contender and gets bonus credits depending on his or her stamina. The hula hoop girl triggers the free spins bonus round. Freaky Gym has a Freaky Pot. 5% of the staked amount in every spin goes to the pot. If a weight symbol appears on the reels the pot amount for that spin is suitably multiplied. After 60 spins the pot amount is paid back to the player.


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Bonus games on the second screen with booby traps are fairly common in 918KISS online slot games. In these games players usually are asked to keep selecting from the given objects till such time they reveal an icon that has been classified as a "booby". Then the players cannot make any further selections but have to collect their awards and end the game.

Different variations to this scheme can be found in 918KISS online slot games. However, free spins bonus games are usually the opposite. If the specified combination of symbols appears on the reels during the free spins more free spins are awards. But on rare occasions online gaming software providers have been known to devise slot games with free spins rounds that get aborted before the allotted free spins are completed. And this is done through very innovative booby trap mechanisms, which adds excitement to the 918KISS online slot game.

One recently released 918KISS online slot game where free spins could be aborted. The free spins bonus round is triggered when three, four or five free spins symbols appear scattered on the reels. In the normal course players can enjoy a maximum of 50 free spins. However to enjoy the full 50 free spins players have to ensure that they do not lose all their lives. Players start the free spins with 3 lives. Every time an Extra Life symbol appears on the reels a life is added to the players' tally. Unfortunately this can only be done thrice. Every time a symbol appears on the reels the players lose a life. Once all lives have been lost the free spins bonus round ends even if 50 free spins have not been completed.

Thursday, October 3, 2019


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When wild symbols were initially introduced in MEGA888 video slot games they simply substituted other symbols to make winning combinations. Over time innovations in online slots led to the creation of different types of wild symbols. They became multipliers because payouts were enhanced when they appeared in winning combinations. More than one wild symbol began to appear on the same reel. This was given the name stacked wilds. Then the wild symbol expanded to cover the entire reel as a single icon. This was the expanding wild. Exploding wilds randomly converted other symbols to wild symbols. In split wild symbols the symbol counted as two symbols instead of one. But generally in one slot game the wild symbol had only one of the characteristics.

A recent innovation is the MEGA888 slot game in which the wild symbol takes on different characteristics. The wild symbol may appear on only one reel but the player can select the reel. This does not mean that the wild symbol has to appear on the selected reel in every spin. It means that if the wild symbol appears then it will appear on the selected reel. In each reel the wild symbol takes on a different characteristic, which becomes the basis for the selection.

The Croc is the wild symbol and in this MEGA888 slot game it takes properties as follows. On Reel 1 the payout is doubled if Croc substitutes in a winning combination. On Reel 2 the payout is tripled if Croc substitutes in a winning combination. On Reel 3 when Croc appears it expands to cover all three positions on the reel. Payouts are calculated and credited after the expansion. Croc expansion will only occur if it results in a winning combination. On Reel 4 the Croc appears as an expanded wild as well, just as it does on Reel 3. But on Reel 4 the payouts are tripled. On Reel 5 Croc is a stacked wild and all symbols on this reel are replaced with the Croc symbol. Payouts are tripled if Croc substitutes in a winning combination. The process of selecting the reel on which the player wants the wild symbol to appear is very simple. There is a bar above the set of reels that has a slider labeled "Slide a Wild". Players can place the cursor on the slider, left click the mouse and move the slider above any reel. When the slider appears above a reel it graphically exhibits the property the wild symbol will take in the reel. Therefore the player need not check the game rules time and again.


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Over the last two years branded slots have become entrenched in JOKER123 online casinos as a genre. The slots developer would have to pay a fee to use the brand but these JOKER123 slot games draw so much more traffic that the fees are easily recovered. It would be interesting to speculate on what possible brands slots developers can use in the future.

Going by the success of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter would make a perfect branded JOKER123 slot game. The books were a sell out and so were the movies based on the books. The Harry Potter brand has been estimated at $15 billion and that speaks for the power of the brand. Rowling has taken great care to inject an international flavor into the books by having students from different countries of the world study at the school. And this will go a long way in creating a global brand for the slot game.

There is no shortage of content for the symbols on the reels. The characters, the magical creatures and the places can be used. There are several slot games based on witches and wizards and are popular because of special effects in animations. Harry Potter will provide much more of this. The Harry Potter series has seven books and this could translate into a seven level bonus game.


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Over a hundred new LIVE22 slot games are released each year. Obviously all of them cannot be popular. Some of them are forgotten soon. Though they continue to be offered at LIVE22 online casinos there is no mention of them in promotions or tournaments or online casino forums. These LIVE22 slot games are usually "old wine in old bottles" with mere cosmetic changes. But occasionally software providers come out with innovative slot games that do not click and one can only wonder why.

The first of the two games is My Slot. In the introductory clip it is described as a "revolutionary new slot" with "infinite possibilities". Players could always customize the operating aspects of LIVE22 slot games like game speed and window size, but for the first time My Slot allowed players to customize the theme. In a simple menu driven process players could replace the standard symbols provided with images saved on their computer screen. These images could confirm to a personal theme like the family, a holiday abroad or a birthday party.

The second LIVE22 slot game was Wealth Spa. It was a thematically perfect game that covered all activities performed in an upper end spa. The background colors and the background music added to the soothing environment of the spa. However, the innovation in the Wealth Spa slot game was how the bonus feature was handled.

It is difficult to say why these two LIVE22 slot games did not click. They do not figure on the hot games lists released by many LIVE22 online casinos. Nor are they used in promotions and tournaments. Maybe it is mere chance that they did not become popular or may be they were far ahead of their times. If so, hopefully they will rise from the ashes like the phoenix when their time comes.


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918KISS online slot games not only provide opportunities for receiving payouts but also take players into a make believe world. And no fantasy can be more exciting than sailing a pirate ship and searching for hidden treasure. Centuries of fiction novels and decades of Hollywood films have immortalized the pirate legends. 918KISS online gaming software providers find it easy to create symbols, graphics, animations and bonus games based on these legends. Most software providers offer at least one pirate themed slot game in their portfolio.

One of the simplest pirate themed slot games is titled Goldbeard, after the dreaded pirate Black Beard. But the 918KISS slot game does not have a sinister appearance. The symbols crafted in a comic manner are bright and colorful. Goldbeard is the wild symbol. It also acts as a multiplier and activates a free spins bonus round. In this round players can win up to 24 free spins at tripled payouts. When Goldbeard appears in winning combinations he swings his cutlass in typical pirate fashion. The Gold Coin is the scatter symbol. The other thematic symbols are Pirate Ship, Parrot, Cannon and Treasure Chest. High value card symbols are also used.

This is not the end of pirate themed slots. As the technology becomes more advanced software providers will bring in more innovations.