Thursday, October 3, 2019


Over a hundred new LIVE22 slot games are released each year. Obviously all of them cannot be popular. Some of them are forgotten soon. Though they continue to be offered at LIVE22 online casinos there is no mention of them in promotions or tournaments or online casino forums. These LIVE22 slot games are usually "old wine in old bottles" with mere cosmetic changes. But occasionally software providers come out with innovative slot games that do not click and one can only wonder why.

The first of the two games is My Slot. In the introductory clip it is described as a "revolutionary new slot" with "infinite possibilities". Players could always customize the operating aspects of LIVE22 slot games like game speed and window size, but for the first time My Slot allowed players to customize the theme. In a simple menu driven process players could replace the standard symbols provided with images saved on their computer screen. These images could confirm to a personal theme like the family, a holiday abroad or a birthday party.

The second LIVE22 slot game was Wealth Spa. It was a thematically perfect game that covered all activities performed in an upper end spa. The background colors and the background music added to the soothing environment of the spa. However, the innovation in the Wealth Spa slot game was how the bonus feature was handled.

It is difficult to say why these two LIVE22 slot games did not click. They do not figure on the hot games lists released by many LIVE22 online casinos. Nor are they used in promotions and tournaments. Maybe it is mere chance that they did not become popular or may be they were far ahead of their times. If so, hopefully they will rise from the ashes like the phoenix when their time comes.

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