Thursday, September 19, 2019


One of the biggest complaints with 918KISS online slots is that they are not interactive in the manner blackjack or video poker games are. The player decides the betting options and that is it. The 918KISS slot machine does the rest. It is true that some 918KISS online slots offer the gamble game in which players have to decide whether or not to stake their winnings, but that is after the main game is over. But now this has changed.

The respin feature is a dream come true for 918KISS online slots players. How many times have players landed up with identical symbols on the first three and the fifth reels in an active payline but a different symbol on the fourth reel. And there was nothing that the player could do except say, "Only if the fourth reel also had the same symbol." Now the player can do something. He can respin only the fourth reel and hope to get the elusive symbol in the correct place.

There is a visual difference in the 918KISS online slot games with the respin feature. Below each reel is a "respin" button. The respin feature works in the following manner. The player sets the betting options and activates the first spin in the usual manner. When the reels come to rest the payouts, if any winning combinations arise, are made in the usual manner. At the same time below each respin button a number is displayed. This is the cost of independently spinning only that reel. The cost depends on the payout potential of respinning that reel. If the potential payouts are larger, the cost of the respin will be more. Suppose the number below the fourth reel is 9.41. It means that the player will have to pay 9.41 credits if he wants to respin the fourth reel. If the player wants to do so then he should click the respin button. His balance will be reduced by 9.41 credits and only the fourth reel will be spun keeping all other reels as they are. Any new wins as a result of the realignment of symbols on the fourth reel will be paid out. Fresh numbers will appear below all the reels again. The player may choose any reel and click on the appropriate respin button. This process can be carried out any number of times. Each time the respin cost will be deducted from his balance and each time the payouts will be made based on the standing betting options. For the respin the original total bet amount is not deducted.

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