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Bonus games on the second screen are fast becoming an essential feature in LIVE22 online slots. LIVE22 online slots with such games are preferred because they add variety to the gaming. Most of these bonus games involve selecting an object or a number of objects. Whereas this does create a difference, selecting objects is not exciting. Therefore some LIVE22 online slot games incorporate somewhat more complex games.

When the game is triggered, 12 cards lie face down in a 4 x 3 grid formation. Outside this main grid in the four corners are the four Kings from a deck of cards. Each has a credit value displayed below it. The player clicks one card at a time to turn it face up. The player can click cards randomly or follow any sequence he chooses to do so. Once three Kings of the same suit are displayed the bonus game is over and the player wins the number of credits displayed below the King of that suit. To make the game visually appealing the image of a King outside the grid gets animated once two corresponding cards are revealed in the grid.

In the bonus game one of the female medics is portrayed next to a 3 x 5 grid. Twelve of the squares conceal items of the medic’s clothing. There are three numbers each of four items of clothing. The remaining three squares are designated Booby. Players can reveal a maximum of twelve squares by clicking on them. Each time three items of the same clothing are revealed the player is awarded a multiplier. At the same time that item of clothing disappears from the medic’s displayed image. Nothing happens if the Booby is revealed. The multipliers earned are totaled up and multiplied by the total bet of the spin to determine the payout. Despite the risqué nature of the bonus game the limits of decency are not crossed and the modesty of the medic is preserved.

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