Thursday, September 5, 2019


Free spins have become an integral part of online slots. And the free spins are inherently different from the normal spins. The major difference is that no wager has to be placed and no amount is deducted from the player's balance before each spin. Another difference is that the free spins are activated automatically just as in the auto spin feature. But there are several other audio and visual changes that are given effect in many free spins games and these changes enhance the pleasure derived from the PUSSY888 slot game.

The most common change, and one that can be perceived in almost all PUSSY888 slot games, is the background music in free spins. Online slots that do not offer any background music in the normal spins offer background music in free spins. And online slots that offer background music in normal spins offer peppier background music in free spins. This is usually accompanied by faster spinning of the reels as well. The combined effect is to give a heightened audio visual experience. After all, the free spins will result in extra credits to the player without his having wagered any amount and this is a reason to celebrate.

Apart from this, the changes in the free spins vary considerably across PUSSY888 slot games. Many do not have any other changes. Some have changes that are perceptible only to the more alert player and some have very obvious changes. A more effective technique is changing the background to the reels. In PUSSY888 slot games the reels are set in a background that enhances the theme of the slot.

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