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When the greater is the amount that one invests, the greater are the returns that one can expect. This is true in online slots wagering as it is true in any other endeavor. In the simplest examples the returns are proportionate to the investment. For example if a particular jackpot combination pays out 5000 coins and a player has a line bet of $1then he will win $5,000 in credits. Suppose the player doubles investment and has a line bet of $2 then he will win $10,000 for the same jackpot. However the advantage of wagering greater amounts in slot games goes well beyond the simple proportionate increase in returns. In many different ways slot games offer the chance of much more than proportionate increase in returns for increased wagered amounts.

In progressive jackpot 918KISS online slot games the progressive jackpot can be hit only if the player has wagered the maximum amount. Otherwise players get a fixed payout. Wagering on 9 lines, with 4 coins per line of $0.05, requires an investment of $1.80 per spin. With this the fixed jackpot, if hit, pays out 15,000 coins or $3,000. But wagering on 9 lines, with 5 coins per line of $0.05, requires an investment of $2.25 per spin. This may result in the progressive jackpot being hit. The minimum assured payout if that happens is $100,000, which at maximum has gone well above a million dollars.

A similar situation exists in the randomly triggered progressive jackpots. These progressive jackpots do not require a specified combination to appear on the reels in order to be hit. They can be hit randomly after any spin. They can also be hit if the player has wagered the minimum amount. Therefore, unlike in the case of regular progressive jackpots, players wagering minimum amounts are not excluded from winning the jackpots. However when players wager larger amounts the chances of the random jackpot being hit increase. Therefore in these games as well, the players can expect a greater than proportionate return for the higher amounts wagered.

Of late there have been a number of 918KISS slot games in which players have been provided benefits in the regular payouts for wagering larger amounts. The max bet in these games is 50 coins. However players can activate the Bonus Bet feature and wager with 60 coins instead. What do these extra 10 coins give? To start with the scatter payouts are improved. But the real benefit lies in that one of the bonus games can be triggered only if the Bonus Bet has been activated. This bonus game offers payouts of up to 100 times the triggering bet. Again the increased wagering does not guarantee increased returns but has a potential for providing much more than a proportionate increase in returns.

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