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A MEGA888 video slot game is one that usually has five reels aligned one after another in sequence. More than 90% of the MEGA888 video slot games have this format. A payline is a particular alignment of symbols across the reels that can result in a payout. One example of a payline could be the symbol in the first row in the first reel, the symbol in the second row in the second reel, the symbol in the third row in the third reel, the symbol in the second row in the fourth reel and the symbol in the first row in the fifth reel. A simpler example of a payline is all the symbols in the second row across all five reels. A payline will result in a payout only if it has a winning combination as specified in the payout table and if the payline has been activated by the player.

MEGA888 video slot games form the largest category of online casino games. The number of paylines ranges from 5 to 1024. What impact does this vast range of paylines have on the outcome of video slot games? One thing is evident. The greater the number of paylines, the more frequently will win combinations appear. The more important question is whether this would necessarily translate into greater average returns to the player.

In order to understand the situation we take a simple example of a MEGA888 video slot game with 15 paylines. Now, without changing any of the rules or the payout table if the number of paylines is increased to 25 then the average return to the player will increase considerably. In fact the return could go well beyond 100% and clean out the online casino. However this does not imply that every MEGA888 video slot game with 25 paylines will have a greater average return to player than a MEGA888 video slot game with 15 paylines.

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