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Simply stated a wild symbol is one that can substitute for any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination. It is for this reason that a wild symbol is also known as a substitute symbol. The usefulness of a wild symbol in MEGA888 online slot games is apparent. When a wild symbol appears on the reels the chances of payouts increase significantly.

MEGA888 online slot games have special themes. Since the wild symbol is the most important symbol it is usually chosen to display a key aspect of the theme. For example in the MEGA888 slot game T-Rex, the T-Rex is the wild symbol. Of late there is a tendency to have a logo of the slot game as the wild symbol. In the recently released Summer Holiday, the Summer Holiday logo is the wild symbol. Another way in which importance is accorded to the wild symbol is that five wild symbols in an enabled payline usually offer the largest fixed jackpot.

In many MEGA888 online slot games the wild symbol is also a multiplier. When a wild symbol is used to complete a winning combination it multiplies the payout for that combination. In the T-Rex MEGA888 slot game referred to above, the T-Rex symbol doubles the payouts. In this game five Stegosaurus symbols in an enabled payline pay out 5,000 coins. However if instead there are four Stegosaurus symbols and one T-Rex symbol in an enabled payline then the payout becomes 10,000 coins. In many slot games the multiplier quantum is fixed. This implies that the wild symbol will multiply the payouts by a fixed amount no matter how many wild symbols are used to complete the winning combination. In other games the multiplier is dependent on the number of wild symbols that appeared in the winning combination.

In contemporary MEGA888 slot games the wild symbols have been made more exciting by creating different kinds of wild symbols. The most common type is the stacked wild symbol. When stacked wild symbols appear then all the symbols in each reel are wild symbols. The wild symbols in Summer Holiday have this property. When stacked wild symbols appear in reels 1 or 2 huge payouts result because a large number of different winning combinations are simultaneously hit.

Wild symbols are used in many MEGA888 slot games to trigger the bonus game on the second screen, which is a theme based game that provides players with extra credits.

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