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Planning progressive jackpot strategy is somewhat like planning an investment portfolio. The time tested standard advice is not to put all the eggs in one basket. Some funds should be invested where small steady returns accrue and some can be put in higher risk return instruments. Unlike investments, progressive jackpots do not guarantee returns, but the same balancing act needs to be done. If players wager only on the highly volatile large payout progressive jackpots that hit about once a year, then they may well wager all their lives without getting a hit. And if players wager only on those progressive jackpot online slots that offer frequent but small payouts then they are ruling out the possibility of ever getting a life changing hit.

Fortunately MEGA888 online gaming software developers recognize the need for this balancing act and provide both kinds of progressive slots in their portfolio. Take for example the case of realtime gaming. realtime Gaming has three progressive jackpot slots that offer payouts in the region of a million dollars. These jackpots are hit when five stated symbols appear in an active payline. But realtime gaming also offers the real series of video slots. These have progressive jackpots that are randomly triggered. The hits occur more frequently but are of smaller amounts.

The million dollar question is what proportion of the bankroll should be wagered on the high paying progressive slots and what proportion on the frequently hitting progressive slots. As in the case of financial investment there are no simple answers. The player has to assess his risk taking propensity, which is not an easy thing to do. If the player is wagering mainly for fun then a larger portion of his bankroll should be on the slots that hit more frequently. This will enable him to stretch his bankroll further. If he is looking to splurge a bit after a big win then he can wager larger amounts on the high payout jackpots. But as a responsible gambler he must not depend on securing such life changing payouts for essential expenses.

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