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Video slots form the bulk of 918kiss online casino games. Usually these games have a maximum of five symbols in each payline, each symbol corresponding to one of the reels. From time to time the developers of slots software have experimented with introducing more than five symbols per payline. The simplest way to do this is to increase the number of reels.

The 918kiss online gaming software provider took this concept to its logical conclusion with up to 10 symbols appearing in a payline. The execution was done in a different manner. Most of the symbols in this 918kiss slot game are animals because the noah's ark took the animals to safety. These animal symbols can depict the single animal or a pair of the animal. This selection is made randomly. But when the symbol depicts a pair of animals it counts as two symbols for the purposes of the payout and is called a split symbol. If in an enable payline Reel 1 shows a pair of Lions, Reel 2 shows a single Lion and Reel 3 shows a pair of Lions it counts for five symbols in the winning combination. The payouts for all animal symbols go up to 10 symbols for the case when all five symbols in an enabled payline contain pairs of the same animal. In Noah's Ark the scatter Dove symbol can also appear as a split symbol. The Noah's Ark wild symbol always counts for two symbols when substituting for animal symbols.It can be played in Redplay2u Singapore & Malaysia.

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