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Bonus games on the second screen have become an integral part of PUSSY888 online slots. Almost all these bonus games are based purely on luck. The simplest of these involve selecting one or more of the items displayed on the screen. The more complex ones involve matching symbols. Often these games are visually camouflaged to fit into the theme of the PUSSY888 slot game to make them more interesting. Players do not mind that these games are based on luck because the main PUSSY888 slots games are themselves based on luck. However once in a while there do come PUSSY888 online slots that have skill based bonus games on the second screen and this article discusses some of them.

There are two different types of skills that have been incorporated into bonus games. One skill is of mechanical dexterity that is required in video arcade games. However the level of that skill required in bonus games in slots is much lower. In this game the player has to steer an airship through an asteroid belt using controls for left, right, forward and back movements. One of the objectives is to avoid being hit by the asteroids because the player loses a part of his life every time such a hit takes place. The other objective is to fire at the asteroids and destroy as many as he can. The game ends when the player loses his entire life or succeeds in traversing the asteroid belt and gets bonus credits in proportion to the number of asteroids destroyed.

Another with a skill based bonus game is the golf. The bonus game covers a nine hole golf course and each time the bonus round is triggered players get to play on a different hole. The skills required are aiming correctly with the mouse pointer so that the ball goes in the desired direction and adjusting the distance between the mouse pointer and the ball so as to hit it with the required force. There are different obstacles in the different holes so different strategies are required.

The second type of skill based bonus game in PUSSY888 online slots is one that requires logical reasoning. Battleships is a common logical reasoning game that was played between two players each trying to destroy the other's fleet. The player has to destroy all ships guided by the hits and misses of the previous moves. Bonus credits are given for successful hits. The game rules come with strategies of how to start the game, search for large carriers and small destroyers. Players who are not interested in testing their skill can choose a luck based free spins game when the bonus round is triggered.

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