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PUSSY888 online slots rules are of two types. One type refers to the payouts in the main game. The other type refers to the rules for the bonus games. All players read and understand the rules for the bonus games because these rules can be different for each PUSSY888 slot game. However the rules for the main game often go unread. New players do not bother to understand them because they know that the payouts will anyway be computed by the software. Regular players are aware of them and therefore do not find it necessary to read them. Rules have to be mentioned in each PUSSY888 slot game for the sake of completion and to prevent disputes arising later on. These rules can be accessed through the pay table. Even though it is not necessary for the players to cross check the payouts, it is advisable to understand how the payouts have been calculated. This article explains some of the more common rules in detail.

All symbols pay Left to Right
Payline wins are awarded usually when three or more like symbols appear in an active payline. However, these symbols cannot appear anywhere on the payline. They have to appear starting from the first reel and then appear on consecutive reels. For example four of a symbol will pay out when that symbol appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4 on any active payline. This is what is meant by this rule. This is the standard rule in most PUSSY888 slot games. However some PUSSY888 slot games pay when symbols appear right to left and some pay both ways.

Payline wins are multiplied by the amount staked per payline
The amount staked per payline is the product of the coin denomination and the number of coins wagered per payline. This rule specifies the amount won in credits when a winning combination appears in an active payline. Suppose the pay table specifies a payout of 500 and the amount staked per payline is $2 then the player will win $1,000.

Coinciding wins on different paylines are added
Suppose that a symbol on the first row of the first real is the part of the winning combination in paylines 1 and 2 then it will contribute to both paylines and the wins for both paylines will be independently computed and added.

Highest win only on each selected payline
A particular symbol would pay out if three or more appear left to right on an active payline. Suppose five of that symbol appear in an active payline in a particular spin. Then the player has got three of those symbols in an active payline, four of those symbols in an active payline and also five of those symbols in an active payline. However he will not get paid for all three of the combinations. In any one payline only the highest paying combination is paid out.

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