Friday, August 23, 2019


When free spins bonus rounds were first introduced in Live22 online slot games they became an instant hit. They enabled players to accumulate large payouts without having to make any investments. The free spins rounds were usually triggered when three or more of a designated symbol appeared on the reels. This has been the standard procedure in almost all of the Live22 online slot games that offer free spins.

The Live22 online slots arena is an extremely competitive space in the Internet gaming industry. Some innovation is always being introduced into the Live22 online slot games. Recently there have been a number of slots in which the free spins bonus round has been triggered in a different manner. The generic procedure is the same though each individual game has a slightly different treatment. Basically a counter is set up that keeps track of a defined event on the reels. Every time that event takes place the value of the counter increases by one. When the value of the counter reaches the specified value the free spins bonus round is set in motion.

Playtech has made this mechanism even more exciting in its recently released Live22 online slot games like Cute and Fluffy and Fairy Magic. These games have five counters, one for each reel. Every time the designated bonus symbol appears on the reel the counter for that reel increases by one. When any of the counters reaches a value of four the bonus round is triggered. What this implies is that the bonus round can be triggered as early as the bonus symbol appearing four times, provided it appears on the same reel each time. Or the player may have to wait till the bonus symbol appears 16 times, when one of the reels is guaranteed to have the counter reaching a value of four. The bonus round offers bonus credits along with a fixed number of free spins at a fixed multiplier.

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