Thursday, August 15, 2019


The online casino Malaysia Redplay2u offered live dealer baccarat variant to its Gold Series of table games. Apart from the customary visual elegance present in all Gold Series games Live Dealer Baccarat Gold introduces several new features for the first time in online baccarat games. These will not only set live dealer Baccarat Gold apart from the usual baccarat variants but is bound to rekindle interest in online baccarat as a whole.

Redplay2u live dealer casino Live Dealer Baccarat Gold is an eight deck game with a minimum wager of 5 credits and a maximum wager of 500 credits. Apart from the regular Player and Banker bets players can wager on a number of side bets. These include Tie bet, which pays out at 8 to 1 and Banker and Player Pair bets, which pay out at 11 to 1. The visual appeal is best appreciated by actually wagering on Live Dealer Baccarat Gold. Here it would be sufficient to say that the layout gives the impression of being in an exclusive high class online casino.

Some interesting card handling animations have been added in Live Dealer Baccarat Gold. In land casinos it is the practice that the players handling the Player and Dealer hands in baccarat games get to peek at them by lifting a corner and then turning the cards over. This is simulated in Live Dealer Baccarat Gold. The hand that the player has bet on is transferred to the player. He can lift the card at the corner by moving the cursor. After seeing the card he can turn it over by moving the cursor further or by clicking on the Squeeze button. The upturned cards are then returned to the playing area.

In land casinos some players like to rotate the cards before peeking at them. It may be that they find it more convenient or they may do it for good luck. This practice can also be simulated in Live Dealer Baccarat Gold. Moving the cursor over the cards reveals arrows. Players can click the arrow of the direction in which they want to rotate the card. After the rotation is given effect players can peek at the card and turn it over as described above.

The other features of note in Live Dealer Baccarat Gold are History and Roadmap. The History feature is not new. It simply displays the outcomes of the hands in sequence. A blue button with a P marks a Player win. A red button with a B marks a Banker win and a green button with a T marks a Tie. The Roadmap is derived from the History and is used for more advanced baccarat analysis. There are four different charts in the Roadmap, which are Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road. The Big Road uses the same color scheme as the History but the indicators are hollow circles. The first outcome of a session is marked in the first row of the first column. If the subsequent outcomes are the same indicators are added below in the same column. When the outcome changes, then a new column is started. The Big Road helps to track the number of same type outcomes in succession and also ascertain if there is a larger pattern. The other three Roadmaps are more complicated and suitable for fairly advanced analysis.

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